Service Financial


One of two or more available possibilities.


(of one or more things) Available as another possibility.    

Note: Nowhere in the above definition does it state the terms of the available options must be unfavorable.  

While mainstream lending continues to be erratic and traditional investing subdued, alternative financing sources have become more advantageous than ever before. There are thousands of legitimate borrowers who may not meet the stringent requirements of today’s banking industry, but offer a safe and profitable investment opportunity to the right individual or investor group. We specialize in joining legitimate borrowers with proven strong investors to create unexpected funding sources.

Service Financial, through our broad affiliate network has access to both debt and equity capital, whether you need $100,000 or $100,000,000.
In addition to our - Securities-based Line of Credit and - Self-Directed IRA, we help arrange creative alternative loans and solutions for investors and businesses of all types.

Here are just a few of the products available:
·    Commercial and residential real estate investor financing
·    Construction and bridge financing
·    Hospitality financing
·    Personal and business debt restructuring
·    Startup and franchise financing or business expansion
·    Business lines of credit
·    Equipment financing and leasing
·    Inventory financing and factoring
·    Angel and Venture Capital funds

Although some deals just simply cannot be done, we work diligently to make as many as possible work and to provide you with sensible alternative lending solutions in a timely fashion. If you feel you have a viable project that deserves quality alternative financing, let our team of experts go to work for you. We’ll start with a brief overview from you of the scenario and if it looks viable, you will be asked to provide detailed information for our partners to evaluate. Inquire about our alternative loans and financing options today.