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Products and Services


  • Business Incorporation

    Turn your side hustle into a legitimate business and receive the benefits of using your investments to increase your net income and reduce your tax burden.
  • Impact Investing

    The rebuilding of our children’s and grandchildren’s future lies in Social Impact Investing through individuals investing in their own communities creating jobs raising the bar for higher education and promoting moral lifestyle choices for adults and children alike. A common person with a Solo 401(k) with investment alternatives can generate uncommon returns while building a better community for fellow citizens.
  • Partnering with Purpose

    This is a business opportunity that combines and creates. It combines professional services and creates additional dimension for your business and your clients. Become a strategic partner today and let’s accelerate your business.
  • Wealth Consultation

    Whether you are a business owner or an individual, you deserve a partner that can help you to achieve the best financial result. Service Financial can help you define your objectives, preserve your assets, increase your income and reduce your tax burden. Experience the full benefit of the Service Financial Advantage. We will partner with you to create a wealth preservation plan


  • Open your Self Directed Retirement Plan

    Open your Solo 401(k) plan today to ignite your retirement savings. Your plan benefits include a loan feature, access to alternative investments, and non-recourse loans, which make this a powerful tool. We also have other self-directed investments to suit your financial plan.
  • Private Lending

    Whether a lender with capital to loan or a borrower with a need for it, we find an option that suits your need. We offer competitive rates on various loan types. From hard money to private mortgages, we work within our network of accredited investors and lenders to find what works best for you. Contact us today to get started.
  • Managed Closed and Open-Ended Funds

    We offer a combination of high, medium, and low risk Alternative Investments (i.e. commercial real estate) funds to accommodate your investment appetite. Our holdings are from the Island View Private Loan Fund and Service Capital Fund.

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